Welcome to the June edition of TgLoves

TgLoves is our opportunity to share with you a cool bit of software or gadgetry that either makes our lives easier or does something really useful.

This month: WinDirStat – where does all that disk space go?

This might be erring on the techy side of things, but I find this really useful.

WinDirStat is a completely free Windows utility that scans your hard disk and shows all of your files and folders graphically with a more traditional tree-view that lists them by size.


Simple, but incredibly useful and intuitive. A great way little tool to help you get some housekeeping done.

For the Mac users among you there’s a very similar utility called Disk Inventory X– I use this to keep track of things on my Macbook!

TgLoves – June – WinDirStat
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